Calgary shuttle to the Canadian Rockies

Calgary Shuttle Service

Connecting Calgary To The Canadian Rockies

Vivo Green is a Calgary shuttle service that takes you to Banff, Canmore, and Lake Louise, the fastest and safest way possible.

Vivo Green Has Helped 1000's Of Travelers And Locals


Transportation Bus Packages

We provide transportation service and bus charter to Banff, Canmore, and Lake Louise.

Public shuttle is departure on a daily basis between Calgary Airport and Banff/Canmore.

  • Banff

  • Canmore

  • Lake Louise

From: $59

Private shuttle provides different vehicle types from 7 seaters to 32 seaters.

  • Calgary Airport (YYC)

  • Banff

  • Canmore

  • Lake Louise

From: $195

Fully customized on the itinerary, vehicle types, and maximum flexibility.

  • Banff

  • Canmore

  • Lake Louise

  • Edmonton

  • Surrounding Cities

From: $350

Vivo Green Shuttle Bus At Calgary Airport

Our Shuttle Service

Where do we pick you up from (Public shuttle)?

  • Calgary Airport (Commercial Bay, the bay number will be notified on departure day by shuttle driver)

  • Scenic Acres Parade Parking, Scenic Acres Parade, Calgary

  • Banff/Canmore 2 door service

What makes Vivo Green unique?

  • Flexible hours and multiple service types

  • Professional and experienced drivers

  • Affordable rates and packages

  • Shuttle service amenities

What service locations do you offer?

About Vivo Green Calgary Shuttle


I first started this business from my home because of my passion for exploring the Canadian Rockies. Every month I would travel by car or shuttle with my family from Calgary to Banff and to Lake Louise, taking away the work-life by breathing in the fresh air, and entering a relaxed state. 

I started this business with one goal, which was to provide the best quality transportation to help others experience the same feeling through our affordable and safe transportation service.

Join our Calgary shuttle service today and explore the beautiful Canadian Rockies. If you are looking for beautiful resorts and hotels, check out our top list:

Hidden Ridge Resort | Grande Rockies Resort

Where Do We Transport Travelers Too?